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Train Like a Pro is a library of educational material designed to teach the science of health and performance optimization.

While most people look for the fleeting “Top 6 Ways to do _____”, we will be exploring the governing principles that put solutions into context so you can take charge of progress towards your goals. Rooted in evidence-based research, I’ll show you how to incorporate the research into your daily life and routines.

Our readers place a high value on taking care of their body and are keenly aware of the potential that can be extracted from optimizing routines and lifestyle activities. They’re competitive and are willing to put in the work required to reap positive rewards that will give them an edge. The main goal is for each reader to learn and understand the information presented in a fashion that allows them to apply it to their own life for significant impact and sustainable change.

About The Author

First, you should evaluate all information presented equally and without bias. You should follow up on cited studies to fully understand the context and details. I simply present information so that you will be driven to make changes because you believe in the scientific accuracy of the information itself, and could not imagine going against what you know. And it is you and the only one responsible for enacting change to improve your life.

As for my background: I am a Certified Athletic Trainer, Sport Performance Specialist, and entrepreneur. You can read more about me and my career path here.

I believe you do not need to be a professional athlete in order to prepare with the same attention to detail and resources as one. I am here to provide the same quality of information to anyone who is determined enough to apply it.

Whether your competition is on a field, computer, or in the office you can benefit from clearer thinking and the confidence of being strong. You can learn to reduce stress and buffer against chronic disease to improve longevity and performance. You will make better decisions professionally and personally to feel better and live better.

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I write about the science of optimizing health for improved physical & mental performance. Through the lens of an ATC & Sport Performance Specialist to Players in NBA/NFL/Pro Golf and more